Building a More Accessible

How about a little fireside chat with icy? With a long list of new features and new endeavors in the pipeline, you might notice some fresh looks on soon.

Celebrating our one-year anniversary gave us some time to reflect on the state of, and web3 in general. So here we are, a little wiser, a little more agile, and more bullish on the future of NFTs and web3 than ever before.

Here are a few things that we strongly believe:

  • The usability and endurability of web3 are dependent on making it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.
  • We created because it was something we wanted as NFT collectors that didn't exist yet.
  • We will always strive to provide NFT collectors and traders with the best user experience by giving them the most powerful analytics tools and data insights in existence.
  • We will always be thoughtful of the icy users we build for, and the people that make our community so strong.
  • We will continuously operate on the foundation of integrity and transparency.

One of our biggest goals at has always been to make web3 as accessible as possible. This goal is why we've spent so much time building up the Learn library with helpful guides for people at any stage in their web3 journey, and why we created our GraphQL API to give developers the same tools we use here at icy. We want to help new users through the web3 gateway and to help developers create their own products and onramps. We take great pride in the products we've built and have no plans to slow down on building new features and tools for the icy platform — ever. Nothing makes us happier than seeing icy charts and feeds shared across our Twitter timeline. And we love seeing dApps using our API to delight users. We are genuinely stoked about what we do and want to keep doing it forever. That said, building and maintaining all of this takes resources.

That's why, in the spirit of full transparency, we want to share some of our plans for the future of icy.

New paid ad components

We are piloting a few different ways to introduce partnerships to the platform. Some of these elements will give non-premium users access to additional icy features that would have previously been paid, and some will look more like traditional banners or on-page ads. We want to give more access and better alpha to those that might not be able to afford an Icy Premium subscription. Of course, Icy Premium will always be the gold standard for NFT analytics and real-time insights, but we’ll also be able to provide a better experience to Icy Lite users on the free plan.

Every partner we work with will be carefully vetted for legitimacy and brand fit. And we'll never work with partners that don't align with our own beliefs. We’ll also be staying true to one of our core beliefs — privacy first. Your information will never, ever, be shared with anyone. Providing the best user experience possible is of the utmost importance to us. So if we see that any of our new initiatives are negatively impacting the user experience, we'll be quick to make adjustments. And, of course, we'll be listening to feedback from our community in Discord and on Twitter.

Our goals are still the same; we just want to do it bigger and bring it to more people. We are supremely bullish on the future of NFTs and web3, and we plan to be on the frontlines for years to come!  🤝