icy.tools is joining QuickNode!

icy.tools is joining QuickNode!

Since the beginning, icy.tools set out to solve the need for accessibility of NFT market insights and analytics. As we’ve grown, we’ve seen the key role infrastructure plays in building an exceptional product and delivering the best user experience. Not only has this been fundamental to how we build products, but it’s what drove us to discover our core mission to bring accessibility and usability to blockchain data.

It’s with this core mission in mind and a strong sense of shared vision that we’re excited to announce that we’ll be joining the QuickNode team!

First and foremost, our team will continue operating independently as a stand alone product and brand. The icy.tools product you know and love won’t go away, it’ll only continue to improve as we grow our team and resources with QuickNode. Over time, we’ll continue to integrate with QuickNode to bring a new generation of developer tooling for Web3 builders.

We knew from the first conversation with QuickNode that they cared deeply about our team and our product and it was clear that we were all building towards a much larger piece of Web3’s future. For icy.tools, this is an opportunity to more rapidly expand our core product while working with a best-in-class blockchain infrastructure team to build a broader suite of tools and products for Web3 users and developers across the wider blockchain ecosystem.

The Icy team is very thankful for all the community support we’ve had up to this point and it was extremely important that we be able to continue full steam ahead on delivering on our product goals and roadmaps. Without alignment on this from the beginning, we never would have envisioned this is where we’d end up after launching in August 2021. We’re grateful to be joining such an amazing team at QuickNode!

So, with all that being said…

What’s next?

Two main goals: hiring and building.


First up, we’re currently a team of 9 split between engineering, marketing, design, operations, and product. As a first priority and with the full support of QuickNode, we believe growing the Icy product team over the next several months is going to be one of the best uses of our time. If you’re interested in joining our team, stick around to the end and hear more about the opportunities!


There’s no denying that this space has heated up immensely since our launch in 2021. Between the degens on our team and feedback from our community, we’ve been paying close attention to the market as we continue to refine our product. Without getting too detailed (the time will come for that and we plan to continue to be more transparent, public, and on top of our communication), here’s what we can say:

Since our launch, we’ve been thoughtful about our approach to indexing data. We built in-house indexers that have synced billions of data points thus far, constantly crawl metadata and save images for availability on our CDN, and provide real-time insights into what’s happening in the NFT market.

Today, these indexers and our infrastructure built from the ground up power everything on our web platform and developer API, serving over a million users and over a billion requests per month. To add icing on the cake, QuickNode’s RPC endpoints were a core part of this infrastructure from the beginning.

Our current team will be focused on continuing to refine the current product. This means:

  • An overhaul to Watchlists with a more focused trading experience for collections you care about
  • A much needed update to wallet pages and portfolios
  • Expanded alerting capabilities
  • Updated design system and more thoughtful user experiences throughout the web product
  • Continued updates to backend systems and indexer to extend ERC1155 support and continue adding more on-chain marketplaces with a better way to explore them
  • And, overall, continued efforts to bring more macro and micro insights to both our web platform and API products

Looking forward beyond our current focuses, we’ll simply say that we believe things are going to continue to move towards a multi-chain world and we intend to provide value outside of just Ethereum and NFTs. We’ve always seen ourselves as a blockchain data company and we’re joining the team of a top-class blockchain infrastructure provider. Needless to say, our minds are in overdrive with a mission to bring value to the Web3 community, both as part of the icy.tools team and the QuickNode team.

Additionally, with our core mission at front of mind, we’re going to double down on our developer tools and API. We believe making blockchain data accessible to all developers, through an API that developers love to use, will be key in enabling the next generation of Web3 products.

Outside of the product, we’ll be engaging with the broader Web3 and NFT community more from the content side as we onboard more dedicated resources for content, support, and community engagement. Our goal is to be an invaluable resource for everyone from experienced traders and Web3 natives to those who are new to the space and diving in for their first time.

Finally, worth a special mention, we continue to be grateful for our early adopters and Founders Club members who’ve been with us from the beginning. Our Founders Club NFT will continue to grant full access to our Premium product and access to a private Discord community. Additionally, we hope to bring you more perks, opportunities, and beta access as time goes on by bringing dedicated resources to the team.

Join us!

We sincerely hope everyone is as excited about what’s next as we are. Through joining QuickNode, our team feels incredibly confident and appreciative to be able to execute on our vision for icy.tools and we hope to see you all right there with us!

As noted, if you stuck around this long and are interested in joining our team, we’re actively hiring and would love to chat! As our team continues to integrate with QuickNode and contribute to a broader set of products, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to rapidly expand our core Icy team and collaborate with a new wave of talent.

We have a very transparent and respectful team that values individual responsibility, ownership, and autonomy in their roles while fostering a collaborative environment. If that sounds like something you’re interested in and you want to join our team as we’re entering our next steps at QuickNode, check out some of our open roles or some of the broader opportunities open at QuickNode!