🚨 Product Update: New NFT Market Overview Page

Stay current on the latest trends in the NFT market with the new Market Overview Page from icy.tools.

We are super excited to launch the new icy.tools NFT Market Overview Page! Our new page is your go-to resource for getting a comprehensive overview of the NFT market — including live and historical data on market cap, volume, and activity across marketplaces.

Access powerful global NFT marketplace data and analytics.

The Market Overview Page, as we call it internally, is packed with valuable insights like seeing NFT volume and NFT trades per week by marketplace. The page pulls live data from Genie, OpenSea, LooksRare, Gem, x2y2, ZeroX(0x), Blur, CryptoPunks, Niftygateway, and more, giving you a complete picture of the NFT market and its trends.

In addition to data on NFT activity, the Market Overview Page also has data on blue chip market cap and volume, NFT mints and distinct minters year-to-date, and the top gas-guzzling contracts. You can also see the most profitable flippers by ENS names.

Here's a quick look at key features:

  • NFT Market Cap and Market Volume: Get a comprehensive overview of the NFT market, including health and trends
  • NFT Volume per Week by Marketplace: See how much activity each marketplace drives in the NFT space.
  • NFT Trades per Week by Marketplace: Get a sense of the number of trades happening on different marketplaces.
  • Blue Chip Market Cap and Volume: Stay on top of the performance of the most well-known and highly valued NFTs.
  • NFT Mints and Distinct Minters Year-to-Date: See how much activity there has been in the NFT market over the course of the year.
  • Top Gas-Guzzling Contracts: Learn which contracts are using the most gas on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Most Profitable Flippers with ENS Names: See which ENS names have been the most profitable to flip.
NFT Volume and Trades by Marketplace

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The Market Overview Page is a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest developments in the NFT market. We're always looking for new ways to give NFT traders the edge they need to make smart, well-informed decisions. And this new page is just the latest in the sequence of ever-evolving features we're shipping to do just that! So stay tuned; we have a lot more planned for 2023. 🥶