🚨 Product Update: New Top NFTs and Sweeps Pages

We've added an aggregated sweeps feed and the ability to access more insights for blue chips and high-valuer NFT collections.

Things might be a little weird out there in the broader market, but we're still, and we're still building! We're excited to ship some awesome new NFT tracking filters this week on icy.tools!

Meet the new "Sweeps" and "Top NFTs" pages.


Aggregated Sweeps Feed

We're very excited to add this highly requested feature. With our new aggregated sweeps page, you'll be able to track the latest and largest sweeps across NFT marketplaces by volume, number of sweeps, number of unique sweepers, and number of NFTs bought.  

You'll also have the ability to filter sweep data by time period. See the latest sweeps from time periods of 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 6h, 12h, and 1d.

Discover NFT projects sweeping now!

Top NFT COllections Page

Along with our new Sweeps page, we're also excited to ship a brand new Top page for tracking the most popular NFT collections by market cap.

Why the new Top page?

Before the new top page, our trending page works by grabbing the top collections that are currently selling. However, this left a small gap in the data we were surfacing. Collections like blue chips were not surfaced — due to them having significantly higher floor values, and therefore being traded less frequently.

That's why we created the new Top page! Now, in addition to trending collections, you can also see insights for blue chips and high-value NFT projects that are traded less frequently.

And these new pages are just the start. We already have updates planned that will provide you with even more insights and more alpha! Make sure to keep an eye out, we have some exciting new stuff in the pipeline that we plan to ship before the end of the year! 🥶